Sports Team Chaos

Welcome to “SPORTS TEAM CHAOS”!  Helping fans like yourself avoid the chaos when shopping for merchandise that represents your favorite sports team.


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Shopping for gear that represents your favorite team doesn’t have to be a chaotic experience.

As most fans who regularly shop online know, shopping online is suppose to be faster and easier than the “old-fashion” way.  I stress “is suppose to be”.  However, shopping for sports team gear can be downright chaotic at times.

When searching for team merchandise, the search results on most search engines also include advertisements.  Sometimes, those advertisements have nothing at all to do with the team you are searching for or the merchandise you specified in your search.

The advertisements that appear with your search results usually do so because the merchant provided the search engine with a list of “keywords” and the word or phrase you searched for contained one or more of those keywords.  Thus, their ad appears.

Sadly, a few retail merchants are somewhat misleading and deceptive with their keyword lists.  That is to say, some of the keywords they provide the search engine with a list of product names or descriptive words for products that they do not have.

“SPORTS TEAM CHAOS” is a website that wants to help shoppers avoid the chaos like that described above.  We hope to help by providing links to online retail merchants that actual have the team gear, the team merchandise, the team apparel, the team clothing and the team memorabilia a sports fan is looking for.